BlueMatrix NYC Roundtable

On September 28, 2017 at the BlueMatrix Roundtable in NYC, OpenExchange’s CEO Mark Loehr shared his vision for the future of financial market’s communications, and how video, via OE’s secure video network and video engagement solutions, will be part of that transformation.

Along with other industry leaders, including Robert Fagin, Head of Research at Cowen, Benjamin Pring, Director at Cognizant and David Talbot, Director of Investments at McKinley Capital, Mark spoke of the power of disruptive technologies in front of research management professionals from across Wall Street.

Importantly, despite a wide spectrum of views represented on the panel, the group universally agreed that while technology will have a material impact on the future of the financial markets, knowing and connecting with customers on a personalized basis will remain the foundation for building strong client relationships.

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